Tuesday, July 19, 2011

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  • gevgelija50
    11-28 07:59 PM
    As I understand the process, if your date is current, the USCIS will accept your application - meaning they ARE processing applications with a priority date matching or exceeding yours.

    During the July 2007 fiasco, the cut-off dates were current, allowing everyone to apply. If we submitted our application and the date is current at the time, why do we have to wait until our date becomes current again? Shouldn't they process the application within 6 months or less?

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  • eb_retrogession
    01-22 04:49 PM
    Its nice to know that the backlog center issue is also part of your agenda.


    You are right. Addressing backlog issue is also a big part of the agenda. Pls educate your friends/co-workers affected by that and ask them to chip in for the cause.

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  • kishdam
    03-24 11:10 AM
    No reply yet!!!!

    Sent you a Private Message.

    I am also from around Boston and used AC21 - but using a lawyer based in Virginia. If you need contact details - let me know I can send.

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  • lisunysb
    08-04 03:38 PM

    I am in the process of moving between jobs. The old job is a teaching job in a university and the new one is a research position in a non-profit think tank. So there is no H1B quota issue for both jobs.

    The H1B for the old job won't expire unit next year. I have received the H1B for the new job. The start date for the new H1B is Sept. 1st.

    My question is: Can I start my new job before Sept. 1st? I understand that for H1B transfer, one can start the new job once the application receipt from USCIS is received. But in my case, I have already got the new H1B and the start date on that is Sept 1st.

    Thanks for your help.



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  • rck4evr
    07-19 04:14 PM
    I am in the same boat too. My employer is filing only 485. My only concern is that what if my lawyer/employer does not give me the receipt ?

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  • IneedAllGreen
    12-28 09:56 AM
    I did my 7 th year visa transfer this year and again it took more than 2 months then nothing happened later I went for premium processing because my wife's H4 stamping date was coming closure. I guess usually it takes 2-3 months for transfering visa. Mine was Nebraska Service center. Again this year I am going for 8th year extension. Good luck for your visa transfer. Just relax and wait for USCIS reply on ur application.



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  • panvel123
    07-24 07:50 PM
    have you ever applied for ead in the past,if not then dont worry about it leave the field blank u dont have any alien number yet

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  • the_immigrant
    01-26 04:36 PM
    Hello - I have a unique situation. I'm currently in the US on H1B, and my fiance is in India working for a reputed software company. We are planning to get married by end of April.

    I want her to come to US on a work visa (hopefully H1B). I got to know that to make the FY09 H1B cap, she has to apply for H1B on Apr 1 2008, and wait till Oct 1 to travel if her visa gets approved. But since we are getting married by end of April, I don't want her to stay in India till October while I'm here.

    The other option I was thinking was to apply for her H1B on Apr 1, but still go ahead and apply for H4 in early May, so that she can travel on H4 in May. And once her H1 is approved, she would already be in the US and can start working from Oct 1. Is this possible? Will this plan create any problems for her H4 or H1 visa application?

    If the above does not work, what are my other options? If I miss the Apr 1 2008 deadline, the next earliest she can apply for H1 is Apr 1 2009, and work from Oct 1 2009 - and I don't want to wait that long.

    Another option is to get married before Apr, get her to US on H4 before Apr, and apply for change of status to H1 on Apr 2008. But the marriage plans for Apr is made and to push the dates back would not be easy.

    Any help in this matter is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,


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  • eb2waiter
    04-07 06:41 PM
    the best and brightest...
    I think he sings better than I code...

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  • man-woman-and-gc
    03-04 03:48 PM

    I am qualified in finance;started my career in finance & continued for 4 yrs. then switched over to SAP implementation ; for over 3 yrs now, i have been into SAP implementation projects. I have H1B approved for SAP work.
    Now, can I take up a job with a different title - say, "Finance Analyst" or "Corporate Finance"? I have been talking to various clients in California that are interested in offering me finance positions.

    You can, depends what you can give up for taking the finance job.
    You may have to give up your PD depending on your status of immigration.


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    11-11 12:39 PM
    Convert to H4 if spouse is on H1B. Chances of getting F2 approval are also high if spouse is on F1 and has not applied for I-140 (even if F2 is approved you should not go out of the country for stamping as the embassy will not issue visa due to intent to immigrate). Greencard processing can continue in the meantime as it is process for future job offering.

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  • Mak Valley
    01-29 01:12 AM
    very niice


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  • dreamgc_real
    04-16 01:27 PM
    I don't think uscis would process any application without money:D
    When you did the first time did you pay?

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  • samirpatel08
    09-09 01:16 PM
    My case was approved on Aug 19, 2010. I received my card on Aug 26, 2010.

    Unfortunately, The EAD card had a wrong start date. I have sent my cards back for correction on Sept 2, 2010.

    (I do have approval e-mail of my cards and the case.)

    So, Question is, Can I work while my cards come back with the correct date. I don't have receipt of the replacement cards in my hand yet.

    Please let me know.


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  • surabhi
    09-05 10:54 AM
    Did you try to expedite?

    I think you qualify for expedite criteria since not getting EAD will force you to stop working and cause severe financial hardship.

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  • texanmom
    08-24 11:39 AM
    Its just a blank page


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  • GC_1000Watt
    03-06 01:30 PM
    got your point about not to do propaganda of undocumented guys rally. Though I thought the rally was meant for e'body who wants to get immigrated. Anyway thanks.

    Yeah and i messed up and posted this for lawyers.:eek:
    Sorry about that.


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  • raju123
    01-21 05:53 PM
    This is a Reuter news and going to be pick by many news agency. It was already posted in our News Thread.


    U.S. companies are also clamoring for more H1B visas to allow foreign software engineers and other skilled workers into the country.

    The 65,000 visas allotted for 2007 were taken by the end of May last year, months before the end of the fiscal year in September, said Jack Krumholtz, the head of Microsoft Corp.'s government affairs office. It is also difficult to get permanent U.S. residency for foreign workers who would like to stay, he said.

    "This is becoming for high-tech companies a huge retention issue," Krumholtz said. "We will start to see highly valued tech employees emigrate back to their home countries."

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  • sury
    02-08 08:36 AM
    can anyone please reply

    04-21 03:16 PM

    I am really confused about my current status.

    I am currently on Opt Extension, which expires on June 1st 2010.
    When i filed for H1b visa last year April 2009.

    I got my petition approved, but my change of status was denied.
    The reason was stated as :
    The status previously accorded the worker had expired before this petition was filed. Therefore, the worker si not eligible for change of status.

    Now, I am still in US. Is my status illegal?

    06-27 02:21 PM

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