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  • pappu
    12-16 10:27 PM
    It is just not enough to add a new member to IV. In my opinion, we also need the new member to be proud of associating himself/herself with IV.

    Here is what every new member needs to be made aware of-
    - What IV has achieved in the last year of existence?
    (Manager's amendment, media interviews including the Reuters article plus the last minute attempts in the lame-duck session)
    - IV is the **only** grass-roots organization in the US working towards issues of Skilled Legal Immigration. The affected people in retrogression runs close to a million.

    The thing I am driving at is that new members join and do not persist with IV because they have not been made aware of what IV is and what it has achieved.

    It is not about IV core members alone, the issues at hand are affecting YOU!!!!

    well said.

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  • sunny1000
    01-12 06:59 PM
    One of IVs priorities has been to have a uniform skills based system like other developed countries Eg. Canada.
    members are welcome to join in that initiative as weel and suggest ideas.
    I'm actually preparing a doc for a way to fairly convert people from EB to a points based skills system. This would also eliminate country based quotas as a side effect.
    The CIR in 2007 had a similar proposal, but they did not compensate those already in EB queues.

    There is a post from logiclife arguing against the points system back in 2007 (I will find that and post it here). Since when did IV change the strategy to go with the "points system"? The simple argument against the points system is that Government (and NOT the employer) decides who is qualifed in a points based system as against the current system which only allows qualified people with a job and being inside the U.S, to apply and get GC (as against the points system which can be from anywhere in the world).

    The current system can be and should be fixed instead of moving to the points based system. For instance, remove the per country quota, allow a non-immigrant visa to be converted into an immigrant visa by an employee without going thru the labor and I-140 after a certain amount of time (3-5 years) which takes away the hold of the employer on your GC process, increase the EB numbers etc.

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  • suriajay12
    03-20 07:20 AM
    1. Remove Quotas.
    2. Make all categories current immediately for India.
    3. Anyone 5 years with W2s: Greencard.
    4. ,, 10 years ,, : Citizenship.
    5. Once current backlogs cleared, remove all EB Categories and create a point based system, independent of employer with a processing time of 2-3 years.

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  • coldcloud
    05-20 07:57 AM
    Is there any updates from the lawers?


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  • sathweb
    07-11 05:35 PM
    I have mixed opinion about that. Say, hypothetically she attends rally, then everyone is going to think that she is biased towards legal immigrants.
    It would be better if people looks at her as a non biased person, her word is more powerful that way.

    Its just my opinion.

    Please inform her about the rally in San Jose on Saturday. It would be great if we can get her support !

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  • TomPlate
    10-08 03:19 PM
    Is the passport renewal for a minor child considered to be a new passport for a child. Please let me know if any one know about?


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  • amitjoey
    01-14 11:22 AM
    Anything can be done to push recapture bill?

    A lot can be achieved, if all members honestly contact and meet and talk with the staff of the lawmakers in their town.

    The problem with the EB Community/ IV members is that we think that going and talking with our lawmakers is not going to help. Or, we are under the impression that all politicians generally know everything about us and are just unwilling to do anything about it for political reasons.

    The truth is that 90% of lawmakers and their staff have no clue that there are thousands backlogged and stuck in this process for a decade.

    It is our job to educate, bring our issues to light and keep pressure on them to bring/cosponsor or vote for a meaningful bill that will allievate our problems.

    When I visited my local congresswoman's office the first time in 2007- The staff was actually shocked to hear that I have done all the right paperwork and being employed and stuck for 5 years.

    Over the years, I have met them many times and educated them about the issues and build a relationship. And yet, many times the staff wonders if there are really thousands of people like me affected, how is it that there is just me that is visiting them and talking about it.

    Remember there are 435 house representatives and 100 senators. Each one of you are within driving distance (40 minutes) to a office of a rep.

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  • chintu25
    01-12 11:24 PM

    I am sure a lot of skilled people like us, especially immigrants, have a strong desire to work hard, smart and make money. Thanks for taking the initiative.

    1. Do you plan to buy stocks directly from the companies or use a broker like TdAmeritrade, Charles Swab etc.,

    I use a couple of brokers TDM, SOGOTRADE and Scottrade. All have their own benefits , But to buy and sell I use TDM/SOGO . Lot of good info/charts/filters etc on Scott and TDM

    2. Is there going to be one trading style like you mentioned about Pattern Day Trading.

    There are n number of trading styles , we can discuss afew and you can choose what suits you best

    3. Is there a plan to conduct some series of tutorials or sort and practice at our own risk without supervision

    I strongly recommend reading and rereading as much as you can about basic fundamentals of trading in general ........Ask tons of questions and evaluate answers.


    DO NOT JUMP BLINDLY into any kind of trading

    4. Will there be any local, phone or online meet

    Well if there is enough Momentum we can have a tele con or video con where we can share desktop screens for learning

    5. Above all how is it going to BENEFIT IV.

    Lot of ways you can do it....One way is to Pledge a certain % of your trade earning etc
    Its our IV its our calling

    You got me glued to this now.


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  • jsb
    04-08 03:59 PM
    I thought visa numbers are available equally per quarter and DOS is prevented from releasing numbers early. How can they say that all the visa numbers have been used (or will be used by April end)?

    Q1: Oct-Dec
    Q2: Jan-Mar
    Q3: Apr-Jun
    Q4: Jul-Sep

    I think July visa bulletin would bring some good news when numbers for the last quarter along with the spill-over (if any), are released. If USICS is not as efficient we may even see some good advancement. Don't loose hope guys!!

    In July EB2 movement is possible due to spillover. EB3, as they say, is all used up, so there will no spillover there.

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  • franklin
    06-14 07:59 PM

    Let's not assume that visas wasted by USCIS would have been allocated to India or China. This would not have happened as these countries can not get more visa numbers than the numerical cap of 7% of the world-wide EB quota.

    I'm sorry, anyone who thinks that the Priority Dates were shifted so visas would not be wasted are deluded.

    Come on - the visas were going to go to waste because there was not enough manpower at UCSIS to process the applications. In what way WHATSOEVER, has this changed because there are more applications?!


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  • ronhira
    09-26 11:55 PM

    Thanks for your post and the "dignified" language of your criticism. In a public forum it is impossible to expect everyone to talk in the same voice. Dissent in inevitable. If you are a staunch supporter of the EB3 cause, it is your prerogative, but you cannot expect every EB2 person to fall in line with your thoughts and call them traitors. Is it a sin for EB2 people to join together and protect their interests and represent their case? Is it not democratic? What way is it inflammatory or legally wrong? I am only asking those EB2 people who feel that they would be affected to ponder over the impact of a re-interpretation. There is a legal avenue to port from EB3 to EB2. Eligible EB3 folks can certainly port to EB2 and get benefited.

    A few EB2 and EB3 folks have spoken logically about working unitedly towards visa recapture. No one seems to listen. I am willing and keen to support the visa reacpture. That is a positive approach. However, if reinterpretation is the only route EB3 friends are interested in, then EB2 folks will have to rethink on their approach to the issue. Like it or not, that is the reality.

    in case u did not read... i did not call you traitor..... you called yourself a traitor...... i simply called you a$$.......

    eb2 v/s eb3 fight has nothing to do with democracy.... it has nothing to do with doing some thing legal or illegal either..... but it has everything to do with dividing people with the same goal.... and making people fight ...... its bullshit..... and that's y u r an a$$.....

    u r not a spokesperson for eb2...... so don't act like one..... you are just an a$$.....

    people r smarter than u think...... and u r still an a$$......

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  • ilwaiting
    06-08 01:23 PM
    Yup true. In my opinion there would be a bill out of conference. I do not know what the shape of the final bill would be but my hunch is they would atleast discuss this and get something out before Nov.

    Afterall Guest worker program was one of the highly publized event of Pres Bush's 2004 presidential campaign. Which helped him win the race. In Florida and few other states(and few other blue states).

    Congressmen(house and senate) know they are at a greater risk of losing in an election year by not producing a bill than producing one that dissatisfies few conservaties.

    Basically talks about election year politics on this bill.


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  • anilsal
    09-21 02:03 AM
    1) Asked Pdakwala, if his last name meant postman. He said Yes, I am the one who gets receipt notices.
    2) GSC999 - what is the announcement that you just made? He said, no announcement - I talk loud.
    3) Getting a call from paskal on Monday midnight to tell me that the hotel had ended business with them. I said, I am in China Town with the IL chapter folks - You can join. He said, aman is taking him to some hotel alexandria or such.
    4) At the airport on the way back, paskal giving me a lecture on why being scared of wife is good, when all I asked was "why don't u eat a slice of pizza like me before boarding your flight?" He started to piece together things I had emailed in the past few days. Paskal and I happened to have different flights to Chicago and Minneapolis at gates closer to each other. Paskal seemed flustered with a few hours delay.

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  • spicy_guy
    07-14 02:02 PM
    GCPerm, Saralayar, spicy_guy, freedom_fighter and others ........ dedicate your time (30 or 60 minutes everyday) on green card backlog issues. Help us all in this process.
    Things are not as easy as it seems......Writing letters alone does not solve problems - and reading pappu's post - monthly trips to DC, meeting with (dont know who all), raising funds, having lobbyists -- all of these are things that take up time. IV has already said that it cannot take it on unless they achieve the primary goal of clearing backlogs.

    Think about it, gcperm is the only guy who has met with Schumer's office. That's it. Even he has no idea on how many more senate offices he has to meet....... Or how deals are cut to get any legislation considered............. I read the Citizenship doc - nothing in it is viable - everything in it only shows the total lack of knowledge regarding laws.
    US in never going to adopt point based system - for green card or citizenship. Every other recommendation past 4 relates to point based system - so chuck them out. As for recommending the form and the fee for it - and actually putting the price on it - again shows the lack of thought.
    The third and most important one, you are asking for these benefits for employment based category - things never work that way. Every group of immigrants will ask the same benefits or if they cannot get it, they will fight tooth and nail so that no nobody else gets it too.

    Congratulations for getting your green cards. Stay and help out the members who are yet to get their green cards. IV am sure would take on the issue of citizenship once it has achieved its primary goal.....

    I agree. No point system. But how is asking for wait time after filing 485, counted against citizenship eligibility, not valid? Its perfectly valid and that eases the pain for MANY!


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  • eager_immi
    01-18 11:17 AM
    Signed up for $20 a month. Have contributed $300 earlier.

    I have a suggestion we should have some contributing members only thread that way people can seek more information from the core group but only by making some contribution.


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  • leoindiano
    09-02 06:47 PM
    My PD is Mar-04, RD=14Aug07
    On USCIS status, it says.." On October 11, 2007, we received this I485..." .
    Processing time for TSC is Aug07.. Does this mean my case will not processed now?
    I am in same boat. Was your case transferred to EAC and then came back to TSC?


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  • espoir
    07-11 05:16 PM
    Nice one. RFE for USCIS.:D
    If they can't answer in time. Will they be out of status:D

    This is way cool. Time to answer RFE by USCIS !!

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  • doxa
    05-12 03:29 AM
    The packet was just asking me to confirm my address, and my soliciters address and details. They sent a copy to me, my soliciter, and my employer.

    was mailed to me on the 18th of april.

    on the cover letter, it said i had been sent these because my PD was about to become current, and or a visa number would be available for me within the next 3- 6 months.

    My take on the Mumbi consulate, VB, is just wait and see. It says most other countries, not ROW...and to be honest, i am not guna belive anything untill i see it on the state dept web site. in the full VB which should be out next week.

    Im consular processing, im not even on the USA yet, i have had my job held open for the last 2 years.

    i carnt see row moving forward that much but i think it will move a little. i dont think it will move back.

    Hi.Whats Your PD?

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  • das0
    05-14 06:00 PM
    Hi Folks,

    My PD got current at today's Visa Bulletin. Presently I live in SF City, California but we are in the process of move from California to Texas. We will be finally move to TX during Sept-2007. My questions are:

    1. Can we move from CA to TX after I-485/EAD/AP is filed from California?

    2. We do have a PO address is Texas now and have an apartment in CA for next 5 months.
    Do you recommend to use the Texas PO Box address instead of California Apartment address for USCIS I-485 application such that we can avoid the Change of Address with USCIS later?

    3. What are RISKS of moving from state to state during I-485 process? Did anyone do that in this forum?

    Please advise - thanks

    08-18 03:02 PM
    Efiled May 28, FP June 10, card production ordered mail today.

    07-19 02:26 PM
    Its the end result - GC and they will have to go by PD.

    Tough luck buddy. My case was current in June, but my attorney filed only on the last day of June and it reached on July 2nd. I was in a limbo till today. My PD is Dec 2002 and I have waited nearly 5 years. Its ok that everyone gets to file now. I-485 approval will be based on priority dates. So, don't worry. Hope you get to file in October 2007.

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