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  • From Ugly Betty Finale, 1x23 Henry and Betty FINALLY kiss.

  • sankari
    05-08 08:49 AM
    My H1B visa end date is 30July2013(PED or expiration date in H1B visa stamp) and my I-94 end date is 10-Aug2013.But in I797B the end date is 30July2011. Can you please help me that i need to do my H1B visa extension within 30July2011?....please clarrify that visa validity depends on I94 or Visa end date or I797B end date....thanks

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  • Blog Feeds
    10-15 06:30 PM
    Foreign nationals who have stayed in the United States after the expiration of their period of authorized stay or are present in the United States without being admitted or paroled are unlawfully present in the U.S.

    If more than 180 days but less than a year of unlawful presence accrues, then the foreign national is inadmissible for three years (three year bar). Foreign nationals who are unlawfully present for one year or more are inadmissible for 10 years (10 year bar). If a foreign national has accrued unlawful presence in the United States, then they are deemed inadmissible and illegible to re-enter the U.S. for either the three year or 10 year bar from the date they leave the U.S.

    There is a waiver available for the unlawful presence ground of inadmissibility. Essentially the waiver will waive the three and 10 year bar of inadmissibility. The waiver is only available to foreign nationals with a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident (LPR) spouse or parent. Children are not deemed qualifying relatives for the waiver. The first step in the waiver process is for the foreign national to attend an immigrant visa consular interview in their home country. Once the consular officer deems the foreign national is inadmissible and a waiver is available, the foreign national will then file the waiver (form I-601, with the applicable filing fee) and establish there is extreme hardship to the U.S. citizen or LPR spouse or parent if the foreign national were not allowed to return to the United States. The waiver request is discretionary and extreme hardship is only one factor the officer will consider.

    Certain individuals do not accrue unlawful presence and are not subject to the three or 10 year bar. For instance, foreign nationals under 18 years of age do not accrue unlawful presence.

    For more information on the waiver process, and extreme hardship, please call Kraft & Associates at 214-999-9999.

    More... (http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/Immigration-law-answers-blog/~3/4VwzqcGxyMc/)

    ugly betty henry. images Henry (Ugly Betty)
  • images Henry (Ugly Betty)

  • eb3_nepa
    12-11 10:23 AM
    A thought about meeting the Senators/Congressmen.

    Should we not meet the new senators and congressmen now, BEFORE they actually join office? I have a feeling that once they take office, they will become too busy with day to day stuff and immigration will DEFINITELY become a back-burner issue.

    Is it possible to meet the new people moving in after January, now instead of after they take office?

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  • goatlip
    10-24 02:41 PM
    Here is an example of what legoman was talking about above.

    3D shadow example (http://www.joshandmaggie.com/outlier/holder.html)

    email me and I can send you the .t3d file if you like.


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  • spicy_guy
    10-13 01:27 PM
    With EAD, yes.

    ugly betty henry. Ugly Betty
  • Ugly Betty

  • bpadala
    06-11 06:29 PM

    In first place this is not a place where you will have individuals answering questions related to Canadian Immigration. You can look at "http://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board" and get more info on the same.

    To answer your questions, In first place this program comes up with few clauses. Your eligibility to apply for this program is contingent upon the fact that you hold a current H1B and are working on H1B for atleast one year. It is also important to prove your H1B status when you get your permanent residency with Canada. With the over flow of applications, they added another clause in the form of eligibility which will make only "IT Managers" eligible for this category. They were taking applications with all NOC codes but offlate around May 29, the eligibility is dependent on your IT Manager role.

    Blog through the above site and you should be able to get more info. Check this one too


    Good Luck


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  • pictures the set of Ugly Betty

  • gk_2000
    12-23 07:02 PM
    Giving their nerves a break I suppose, buddy

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  • ZeroComplexity
    11-25 06:25 PM
    Looks like you have too many people checking status at your company :)

    Remember USCIS server sees the IP address of the proxy...

    I can understand if someone is calling too many times. Looks like the USCIS computers are also feeling fed up. :p

    Check the message I got when I was trying to see the details of my case online

    "It was reported to us that your IP address or internet gateway has been locked out for a select period of time. This is due to an unusually high rate of use. In order to avoid this issue, please create a Customer account (single applicant) or a Representative account (representing many individuals)."

    I am logging in after many days and I was checking it for the first time today


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  • kumhyd2
    07-18 08:15 PM
    When checked on the USCIS site it shows the following for a reciept no which was sent by the attorney. The attorney seems to have e-filed a bunch of applications. Does the e-file reciept no sent belong to one person or a group of people filed by the attorny. If it for a group of people, how do you know if a particular persons application is in the bunch that is being recieved.

    Current Status: Case received and pending.

    On July 12, 2007, we received this I140 IMMIGRANT PETITION FOR ALIEN WORKER, and mailed you a notice describing how we will process your case. Please follow any instructions on this notice. We will notify you by mail when we make a decision or if we need something from you. If you move while this case is pending, call customer service. We process cases in the order we receive them. You can use our processing dates to estimate when yours will be done. This case is at our TEXAS SERVICE CENTER location. Follow the link below to check processing dates. You can also receive automatic e-mail updates as we process your case. Just follow the link below to register.

    Is there anyway to know the name of the applicant based on the I-140 reciept?

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  • xu1
    03-25 09:47 AM
    Thank you for taking up such a good cause!

    I have one suggestion for the website.. Search engines are usually parameters-averse. For instance Google claims they may stop crawling if the links have too many parameters. The non-forum part of this Joomla powered website mostly utilize &s and ?s parameters in the URL.

    The Joomla installation comes with an SEF component that converts &s and ?s into comma-separated directory structures.. You guys can turn it on in the admin panel. The conversion makes the URL look even uglier but it is at least SEF-compliant. Or there are other third party Joomla components that do a better job (though may require slightly more tuning)

    Ed: Moved to new thread. Please start a new thread when you want start a new topic.


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  • quot;Ugly Betty) at the 2007

  • vsoni
    03-08 02:18 PM
    Thanks K94, I am not French citizen.

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  • kirupa
    04-29 03:14 PM
    Really nice stamps! Added them up :)


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  • Ram_C
    09-12 04:13 PM
    Hi IM Folks,

    Can somebody please let me know do we get any letter from USCIS if your name is under Name check process ??Please confirm


    the answer is NO, neither you nor your attorney will get any correspondence form USCIS regarding your Name Check status/progress. However you can call the service center or take an Info Pass to get the status of your Name Check / application.

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  • supers789
    01-02 06:40 PM
    can someone please reply?


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  • martinvisalaw
    12-22 12:03 PM
    You don't say when the change of status (COS) to H-1B took effect. I assume it was 10/1/09, if you were subject to the H-1B cap. If you have not worked for the H-1B employer, then you are unfortunately out of status now and any COS would probably be denied. If you have a valid H-4 visa, you could leave the US and re-enter showing the H-4 visa to return to H-4 status.

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  • sangmami
    09-27 04:46 PM
    is it absolutely safe to travel with pending i 485 app with valid h1b stamping with receipt notice and completed fp.?we are kind of confuded whether to plan for the travel...We have not yet received the actual advance parole. i read somwhere that if u leave the country wth pending i 485 but without ap ur appl is considered abandoned.is this true.?..we have the option to change the trip to apr too.In a nutshell is it completely safe to travel on 485 pending appl without ap with valid stamping.?:confused:
    Has any1 wth the same situation has gone and come back without any issues?
    Gurus ur input s greatly appreciated.


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  • visli_com
    01-15 02:31 PM
    I'll be going to carry following documents. Please see document no also, and let me know if I have all right documents for re-entry.

    Please help.


    For me
    485 RECEIPT - I- 797C
    Ap Approval Notice - I512L
    Employment Letter

    For my wife
    485 RECEIPT - I- 797C
    Ap Approval Notice - I512L
    My Paychecks
    My Employment Letter

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  • alex99
    03-12 04:47 PM
    Technology/SKILL SET: .NET (ASP.NET)
    Hourly Rate/Salary per Annum: 40 per hour
    Location: Richmond/VA
    Year of Experience: 6

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  • roseball
    02-21 11:39 PM
    I know that PERM labor gets expired if one does not file I-140 within 180 days of labor's approval date.
    I am wondering if DOL has any procedure to revive expired approved/unused PERM by filing some sort of request/appeal or by paying some sort of fees etc. or if not ,then one files a new PERM by referring the old unused approved labor for the same job and same person then DOL can give an expedited approval.

    Short answer is NO.

    You have to file a new PERM and it will be processed in the existing processing times unless its a special handling case (University profs, etc) which currently is taking around 4 months to get a PERM approval.

    12-19 02:46 PM
    Is it also possible to port the PD in this case.

    06-29 03:24 PM
    I am currently using my EAD and working for a company remotely from my house. I also have a Permanent Resident Status in Canada. I can work remotely from Canada and my company will not have any objections to it.

    Since I am on 485/EAD can I work for a US company and be on their pay roll and live in Canada? What are the ramifications?

    Please advise!

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