Monday, July 18, 2011

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  • pappu
    01-11 07:49 PM
    Membership count today: 8,226

    All pls keep up the good work

    Pls use this tool
    to send mails to all your friends and also ask them to forward it further
    Today's count
    Members: 8,335
    about 100 members in 3 days. All your efforts are working. Keep posting on other sites and send IV info to your friends

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  • GCNirvana007
    09-03 10:57 AM
    I am going crazy ... ever since an email from CRIS popped up. I GOT IT !!!!! :D

    You were crazy before as well :p

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  • arc
    09-20 07:57 PM
    I came to the congressional reception early with all the name tags and some one asked me what is in the box, I TOLD them what is your name I got the GC for you :)

    It was great to meet each and everyone of you... had so much fun and a big shout out to the Marshals, I kept finding Marshals in the rally pics but since we were at the periphery we were not in pics... but the rally was contained and safe thats the good part, hope it went well at the end, sorry I had to leave to catch a flight back to SJ :)


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  • afza04
    11-24 10:54 AM
    Can I continue to work in USA, as i have valid petition till March 2013, even though my labor has been rejected . Please advise. Appreciate your help.

    My First Port of Entry: Nov 2001 (On H1B)

    H1B Six Years Ending Date: April 06, 2010

    Old Labor Priority Date: Jul 05, 2006 --This is approved with my former employer.

    Old I-140 Approval Date:(Notice Date from USCIS): March 31, 2009 --This is approved with my former employer.(My employer already confirmed on this saying no issues me using this priority date )
    New Labor with current employer: Filing Date: Aug 12, 2008

    Latest Petition Expiry Date/I94 (with my current employer) March 18, 2013

    I-94 stamped on passport-Expiry Date: April 06, 2010


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  • pappu
    01-31 03:02 PM
    Immigration Voice: Announces Advocacy days in Washington DC in April.

    Immigration Voice in its continued efforts to find legislative and administrative fixes is holding Advocacy Days in Washington DC on Monday, April 4th and Tuesday, April 5th.

    2011 is a crucial year to get the fix needed to clear the backlogs and allow for our high skilled immigrants to get the relief needed. We need to capitalize on the opportunity to push for legislation now, as it is unlikely to have any favorable immigration bill to be brought for the next 2-3 years (Primary campaigns, Presidential campaigns will take priority).

    IV’s vision is to hold more than 400 meetings with the legislator offices both in the House and the Senate. We will also be holding meetings with senior administration officials working on immigration issues. As a grassroots organization we need members from all across the country to register, participate in the advocacy event, bring awareness on our issues and seek a positive vote on our provisions from the legislators.

    We aim to resolve this issue but we cannot do it alone and therefore it is imperative for everyone, and by that we mean EVERY ONE to participate in one way or the other. If you wanted to be a part of the past events but couldn’t, then now is your chance to make your voices heard and fight for a fair system and just process. Always remember, we are in United States at the invitation of our employers and our employers have filed our green card petitions in order to retain us. It is only fair and only just to ask for a system that achieves that objective without delays and without putting the immigrants in probationary limbo for 6-12 years. And it is your obligation to yourself and your family to stand up for your rights and ask Congress to legislate and fix the system so that it works the way it was originally intended to work.

    Our previous efforts such as the June Advocacy 2010, September Advocacy and Rally 2007, Flower campaign, San Jose Rally, and many intermediary mini advocacy events in DC has allowed us to be one step closer to the goal. We need to make this upcoming event as a final push for reform. The President’s STOU address and feedback from Lawmaker meetings have provided us the encouragement to pursue this endeavor. As many of our members know, the efforts in our last advocacy days are consequential in how we are perceived by the lawmaker offices. IV calls upon members who participated previously to provide their input on the need for advocacy efforts and persuade many others to join in.

    Immigration Voice will arrange for meetings, advocacy material, and other logistics necessary for all the events during the Advocacy Days. All you have to do is show up. We request our members to come in on Saturday, April 2nd for orientation and training. Please make arrangements to carpool (for driving distances), book airline tickets, and contact friends in DC/MD area to host you. IV will not sponsor your travel and stay for this event. We expect each one of you to take the initiative and stand up for yourself and your family and use this opportunity to ask lawmakers to act on high-skilled immigration issue.

    Our efforts have to be of a massive scale, we need members from every State to participate in the event. To be successful we need more than 200 members attending meetings. We also need to know in advance on your attendance. Please take the time to talk to your employers, arrange for a leave of absence, and register for the event as soon as possible. Make every possible attempt to be in DC.

    To conduct such an effort, IV also needs contributions. Our estimated cost is around $50,000 for the event. We need generous contributions from our members, especially from members who are unable to make it to the DC event. To be clear, all one time contributions starting from February 1st will be considered as a contribution to the advocacy event. All the recurring donations will continue to go towards Donor forum access. Our advocacy event costs will be on top of our regular costs and we need to pay for both.

    Please register here. (

    Poster to spread the word.. (

    Other details are to follow.

    IV Team.

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  • justAnotherFile
    06-29 01:35 PM
    Here is what the attorney firm (one of the top ones in the nation) used by my company sent. They are trying to file all applications by July 1st week.
    The fact that they are not dismissing this as a rumour means that they accept there is a "chance" however small that may be that the USCIS can stop accepting applications and they can do nothing about it at that point.

    Yes in a way they are cushioning themselves, by sending out these client alerts, so that they are not held at fault if this may happen. But if there was absolutely no chance for this to happen they would certainly have dismissed it outright as a rumour.


    July Adjustment of Status Filings May Be At Risk

    Recent rumors have called into question the accuracy of the Department of State's July 2007 Visa Bulletin, which announced that all employment-based categories, with the exception of the "Other Workers" category, will be "current" (i.e. immigrant visa numbers will be available) as of July 1, 2007. These rumors have suggested that United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) may potentially, notwithstanding the July Visa Bulletin, not accept adjustment of status filings for all, or a part, of July.

    Fueling concern over this possibility is the fact that, during June, USCIS took the unprecedented step of refusing to accept adjustment applications in the third preference "Other Workers" category filed after June 6, even though the bulletin showed numbers available throughout the month. USCIS took this step evidently after receiving notice from the State Department, outside the visa bulletin process, that the available numbers had been exhausted. There are strong legal reasons supporting the argument that this action by USCIS was improper. Nevertheless, the fear is that USCIS will take a similar step with respect to all or some employment-based adjustment of status filings made during July.

    The widespread belief among immigration experts is that, even if USCIS accepts all employment-based adjustment of status cases sent for filing in July, there will quickly be another rapid retrogression of immigrant visa availability. This would result in potentially many thousands of newly-filed adjustment cases remaining at USCIS for quite some time while applicants wait for the immigrant visa numbers to again become current.

    Obviously, a decision by USCIS not to accept adjustment of status applications for some or all employment-based categories during all or part of July would be a devastating development for companies and foreign national employees who have relied on the July Visa Bulletin and are preparing to file adjustments. Many organizations, including ***** and the Global Personnel Alliance, are working to determine the true position of USCIS and the Department of State on this issue and to advocate for USCIS to accept all adjustments filed during the entire month of July in accordance with the July Visa Bulletin. We will send an update when definitive information is available.


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  • Kalai
    10-07 12:30 PM
    Applied in person Sept 22 2008 at CGI Houston, The person at the counter told they will send the passport in 7 Days. Still Waiting no response when i tried to call their number.

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  • amitga
    04-08 03:01 PM
    I wonder what will visa bulletin predictors do for next 5 months. Not much to predict.::)


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  • worriedsoul
    05-08 11:31 AM
    PERM Filed : September, 2007
    Audit date : November, 2007
    Reply Date : November, 2007
    Category: EB2
    Status: Pending
    Field: IT (Software)
    Country : Myanmar

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  • indianabacklog
    05-15 11:31 AM
    The fees quoted in this posting are incorrect, please double check the amount on each form as you download. I have just filed and I 485 is $325 + fingerprinting fee, I 765 is $180. Be sure to get your checks right when you have waited so long you do not want to give the USCIS reason to send your application back for the sake of a few dollars missing from the fee.


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  • ArunAntonio
    01-19 01:52 PM
    I had been meaning to do this for a few days now but got stuck with stuff.. I wanted to thank the Core team for keeping up the drive of this effort. Please be assured there is a lot of support behind you.
    - Good Luck

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  • akloomba
    04-17 03:09 PM
    Can you please let me know , CURRENTLY how long labor thru perm is taking to get approved.
    Earlier it used to get approved in few days.
    I am looking at how much time it is taking currently to get approved.
    Awaiting for responses.

    Mine got approved in 3 weeks but the prep time was of course couple of months


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  • amitjoey
    01-19 07:24 PM
    Signed up for $20 per month subscription through paypal. This is in addition to $25 a couple of days ago.

    IV is truly an organization for us and by us. All the commendable work by the core members is truly astonishing. Thanks again and pledging my continued support and effort for IV.

    - We Can

    Thanks, 869 more needed

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  • Aah_GC
    07-30 03:44 PM
    I was checking my app status online and got this message in bold, red color -

    "It was reported to us that your IP address or internet gateway has been locked out for a select period of time. This is due to an unusually high rate of use. In order to avoid this issue please take this opportunity to create a Customer account (single applicant) or a Representative account (representing many individuals, such as lawyers, charitable groups, or corporations). Each account allows you to generate a Portfolio of receipt numbers. Building a portfolio containing your receipt number(s) eliminates your need to manually enter the receipt number and extract each case status. You will automatically be emailed changes to each case as updates occur. This email notification will occur within 12 to 24 hours of any progress made for every receipt number contained in your portfolio. There is no lockout feature associated with your portfolio and there is no wasted time on your part checking a receipt number where no advancement has been made.

    What the heck was that? They have some serious bandwidth issues do they?


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  • hebron
    06-22 01:28 PM
    Currently Dept of Labor is processing Mar 2009 - Applications (Updated 12/31/09)

    Check-out below link

    Ensure - You click on tab which mentions "PERM Processing Times"

    Welcome to the iCERT Portal (

    My 2nd Labor Application (EB-2) was filed in Aug -09 - Hoping for some good news soon:cool:

    Good Luck Guys

    Hi baboo1976, Did you apply for 2nd labor (EB2) withthe same company that filed you first labor EB3?

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  • sunny1000
    05-20 07:37 PM


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  • sertasheep
    08-03 09:57 PM
    While this is an important issue, it could be largely addressed if backlogs are eliminated, thus speeding up the adjudication time. At this time there is no specific charter to address this issue, however, this is a problem that persists across the spectrum, and not only in employment-based immigration categories.

    (I will bring this to the notice of the Core Group, however, one should take note that we cannot have a very broad agenda, as it would be challenging for us to approach Congress with requests).

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  • tampa2006
    05-16 01:16 PM
    Dear Friends,

    I called all the offices mentioned in the post.

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  • Wendyzhu77
    10-05 04:57 PM
    but isn't it the best outcome? Now they can precisely set the cut-off date, instead of guessing. that should maximize the visa usage in the following years.
    Once USCIS completes data entry of all 800K 485s (may be with in next month) they will have clear picture. They may give a report to DOS, how many waiting in each catagory (EB1,2,3) with PD with countrywise break out. Then DOS will easily setup the cutoff dates. This may happen in Jan or Feb.

    I feel that EB3 India may stay like this (in 2001). EB2 India may go back to 2003 or 2002 , based on how many guys in EB3 with PD 2002, 2003 converts to EB2. All other countries may see slight forward movement.

    10-22 09:45 AM
    except that the visa bulletin is published by the department of state, not USCIS...

    anyway EB3-India and hopefully EB3-ROW would definately move soon, they seem to have been pushed too far back out...

    There are chances of a slowdown in the Dec visa bulletin due to Holiday season and internal audits.

    03-15 10:12 AM
    Volunteers, please contact Vin13, if you know of any member willing to make the trip to DC for all 3 or 4 days from the west and mid west regions. He has enough air miles for a couple of tickets.

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