Monday, July 18, 2011


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  • legal_la
    07-11 06:25 PM
    After reading the post on this thread, I am sure I must have fumbled something.:confused: Please read and advice

    1. My wife came here (USA) on H4 visa in Dec 2005, got 1 year.
    2. Applied for H1b in May 2006
    3. Applied for H4 visa renewal in June 2006
    4. H1B got approved Sept 25th
    5. H4 got approved Oct 21th 06
    6. Applied for SSN Jan 1st 2007.
    7. Since SSN#, she is working

    Is there any gotcha or issues that we might have created in between?

    Is it a good idea to get H1b stamped from Canada?

    you may want consult good lawyer, as far as I know if H4 gets approved after your H1b approval you will loose your H1b and your back on H4. I don't want to scare you but want to make you aware of the situation, don't even think of going for visa stamping before you find out all the details. Just call some good lawyer they should have answer to these situations.

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  • eb3_nepa
    01-22 09:30 PM
    Got the PERM labor by 13 months. Applied on Dec 2005 got it now. Mine is EB2

    I know EB2 is much slower than EB3 from what I have heard. Hence i was wondering how many ppl on EB3 have done their PERM recently?

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  • paskal
    06-27 06:53 PM
    The good thing is eliminating the country quota is always lumped with doubling the total quota and/or recapturing previous years waste, so hopefully the affect evens itself out.. Eliminating the coutry qouta by itself is a disaster.

    the elimination of country quotas alone only redistributes pain...where our goal is to end everyone's pain. we asked for all the measures on our agenda and we support the whole package together. we want a better immigration system for everyone.

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  • lifestrikes
    01-11 10:40 AM
    It says

    ii)(I) obtained such degree within the United States during the 5-year period preceding the date on which the petition filed under section 204(a)(1)(F) for classification under this subparagraph is filed; or

    `(II) has resided continuously in the United States in a lawful nonimmigrant status since obtaining such degree; and

    Bill applies to anyone who got their degree in preceding 5 years or resided legally since graduating (even greater than 5 years) will be eligible under this bill.

    But, we have to figure out what is "resided continuously" and hows that is defined by USCIS.

    Is it worth contacting lawmakers about this bill?


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  • gc_lover
    06-28 07:55 AM
    It is pretty obvious they will surely receive more than 40K petitions. Who knows, they must have already got the same in June when they advanced the dates in June VB. Visa numbers are allocated at the time of approval and not at the time the petition is made. Even if they get million petition in July, that does not mean all the Visa numbers are consumed. It is an indicator they have enough petitons to meet the demand to use all the available numbers and alter the VB Cutoff dates for PD in future months. It depends on the approvals too and it is not likely the petitions made in June/july will get approved now... So we must be okay.. but you never know with USCIS/DOL/DOS... Any thing can happen... for instance like the VB is Current for all categories in July.

    That's what we all are thinking, that we should be okay. But when rumors like these are posted on reputed attorney's website, it will surely create panic among people.

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  • GCard_Dream
    05-09 04:19 PM
    Thank you Randy. That was a very useful article and did answer my question. Appreciate the help.

    Good article about Homeland Security fact sheet explains security checks for immigration benefit applicants



  • mps
    09-04 03:54 AM
    Happy to see queue getting shorter ..

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  • jonty_11
    07-11 05:40 PM
    The letter was drafted on the 9th - so a response is due today. He may take his time to respond to Congress Woman letter by saying there are more pressing matter's on hand that, he has to deal with, including the word "gut feeling"
    Pressing matters - like feeding his dog the new puppy chow!!! dastards@@@@


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  • Goodintentions
    01-11 07:06 PM
    I agree with the contents of the post. Personally, I have been writing letters regularly to the Congressman, the Senators of my State and also to the President. In most cases I have received responses.

    Many of you may not find my observations interesting or you have also come across something similar. This is however for those of our friends who are yet to write to law makers!

    Following are some of the obesravtions which I would like to share:

    1. Letters posted (not emails) seem to be read and replied. (Ofcourse, most of us are now so much used to email that it is difficult to print and post, but I still think it is worth the effort)

    2. Unless the subject line refers to a "specific bill no." the answers are very generic. In fact many such responses are not relevant at all

    3. Whenever the letters have been to the point and within ONE PAGE, they seem to draw attention.

    4. I have tried to meet my Congressman for about 2 years, but in vain. However, over a period of time I have been able to develop some friendship with his immigration assistant. They are the people who prepare notes and present it to the Congressman

    5. Recently I got a response from one of the Senators on the S1085 bill. He is a Democrat and has stated that he is supportive of the bill and that it is currentlyundergoing "judicial review by the Senate". I really do not know what it means, though!

    5. Regarding CIR I got a clear letter from Mr McCain stating that unless the "borders are secure and sealed" CIR does not make any sense. I have once again written to Sen McCain that we are legal immigrants and would like to seek his support as well as thatof all Senators and Congressmen, from both parties. I am yet to get a response. Once I get a response I will share it with all of you

    6. I am no writing a 2 separate letters (one about the new bill about passing on Lottery Visas to EB) and also another about the fate of of HR 5882. I would also be writing the Congressman who has sponsored this "Lottery Visa" about the HR5882.

    The task is uphill and very difficult. We have no option but to try the beaten track. Many of us are here for more than a decade and the end is never so near. Time does not wait and we cannot board a time machine to get back in time! I am one such person who left UK and came here! Had I continued there I would have become a citizen 2 years back!

    Perhaps we can try the Gandian method of "mass satyagraha" which is a very peaceful means, to highlight our situation. We can do it in summer, may be in June / July and start working in this direction. Not sure how many will scoff at me, but perhaps it is worth the try.

    GOD BLESS all our friends who have been patiently waiting for ages!

    Best wishes!

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  • sam2006
    01-18 10:01 PM
    i really wish even if 20 guys read my post and
    atleast 10 contribute i will be happy that i helped IV

    folks please change the thought

    " some one will come and do something "
    its up to you to do it
    no one will do it for you

    wake up!!!!


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  • wizpal
    07-25 04:23 AM
    This has been a posted by a fellow member 5 pages ago.. ARE THEY DIVERTING EB3 NUMBERS to some other categories?

    Pappu or someone knowledgeable about backlog..please answer.

    EB3 ROW is at Jun 2004. But as per latest USCIS inventory, EB3 ROW pending 485's are around 48,000. Visa numbers available every year for EB3 is approximately 42k. If you deduct the backlogged EB3 countries (4x3000) visa numbers, the total comes down to 30k for EB3 ROW. So EB3 ROW should become current or atleast Jul 07 in another 1.5 years. If this is not going to happen, it means they are diverting the EB3 numbers to some other categories.

    my 2 cents

    Note : If EB3 ROW has 30k visas per year and pending EB3 ROW 485's are only 50k.. why it is still hanging in 2004. God only knows !!

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  • slammer
    03-28 06:51 AM
    There is an advantage to filing through CP when USCIS is slow to process applications. According to statistics this has been the case for last 10 years with USCIS.

    CP approvals are pretty fast and when you apply they do not wait till the dates to become current, NVC process the application to the point where the only thing it needs is a visa number.

    For example April 1st when an applicants PD is current NVC will request a visa number for the applicant and any derivative applicants around the 10th of April (this is stadard practice). Then typically in the next 60 days (May or June in this case) schedule the interview. You get the visa after successful interview.

    We completed package 3 already last August and sent the forms together with ORIGINAL certificates to the NVC as requested. They also asked for the visa fees at that time which we also paid. So I guess we already have visa numbers ?
    Our sponsor company in the US is waiting since almost 3 years for my husband to start working for him. I think we're lucky that he's willing to wait so long and didn't give up at some point during this whole process ?


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  • Libra
    09-21 09:14 AM
    Ans. (b) and (c):D

    Is it because:
    a) he never smiles?
    b) every word that comes out of his mouth makes sense?
    c) attractive IV handle?

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  • radhay
    06-04 02:04 PM
    As you already know there is no way you can check the status online. I would recommend calling customer service using alien #. I think there was an option to select when you don't have receipt number.


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  • sobers
    06-10 05:45 PM
    vparam, i've been following this issue a lot have to understand the blue slip is just procedural....the main substantive issue is what proposal can attract maximum republican support during conference. The Hastert doctrine (majority of majority rule) states he will not bring to the floor a proposal thet does not attract a majority of republican votes (116 votes). Pence is a star conservative (has a 100% rating from the American Conservative Union) and is a rising leader in the Republican Party. The Pence proposal is gaining strong visibility now and he is going to introduce his bill this week. Tancredo recognizes Pence's standing among repubs and that is why he's asking his minions to attack it.

    Go read again...

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  • anjans
    05-04 01:52 PM
    +1 to the GC benefit list for me..that i can say anything ;-)

    You have been doing that without a GC for the longest time on this list!


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  • illinois_alum
    08-03 12:04 PM
    Finally I was greened after 4 years and 3 months from my I-140 approval date.
    I opened a SR yesterday and today my CPO e-mail came to my mailbox. However my wife's status says
    "On August 2, 2010, we mailed you a notice that we had registered this customer's new permanent resident status. Please follow any instructions on the notice. Your new permanent resident card should be mailed within 60 days following this registration or after you complete any ADIT processing referred to in the welcome notice, whichever is later."
    Do you know what does it mean?:confused:

    I am not sure whether opening a SR helped or not. Good luck to everyone. Remember GC is something but not everything in life. Being healthy and spending quality time with your family are more important than GC.

    We just got greened this morning...was on the call with USCIS Cust Service to open an expedite request (a 3rd attempt!!) for my AP and when I refreshed the Case Status Online portal page...saw the LUD.

    Says they actually approved and ordered card production on 8/2/2010...

    Good luck to everyone else waiting...I know its frustrating...

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  • njboy
    06-18 08:22 AM
    yeah, shusterman is saying that prospects for the bill are bleak but maybe then work will be done on SKIL Bill or something?

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  • chintu25
    01-12 08:28 PM
    I was under impression that being on H1b u cannot do intra day trading.. you can do only routine trading ( dont know excat term ) in which u buy stock and keep it for some time and sell it .. generally 3-4 days..

    I do not know of any rule that separates Daytrading from any other trading style.

    It is an investment .

    Anyways I am no lawyer but I can ask my Tax agent to clarify if possible

    04-08 04:13 PM
    My best guess is the USCIS people do not want to work. If the move the PD's, then they have to scan millions of files to find which ones are having the PD current. So, it is in their interest to not move the PDs.
    I think they will again open gates for a month like last year and then approve whatever file comes in their hand and that way not have to work or find the files with the PD current. So, the lucky ones will get approved and unlucky ones will keep sitting until next year (no matter what their PD is ). So, sad what kind of organization is it, no accountability and no performance checks on them.

    05-15 02:28 PM
    Sure. Thanks for the replies.

    But are you saying that both of my above strategies are valid? I remember reading somewhere that one cannot be in I-485 on two applications. Please clarify.


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